About Automotive Services Company

Our Mission

At Automotive Services Company, “Your satisfaction is our business.” We maintain a company-wide effort to assure customer satisfaction in every transaction.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service with experienced and committed professionals who understand how to leverage communication, relationships, and technology to provide solutions and products that exceed the expectations of our customers

This mission statement encompasses every aspect of our business and creates a bond with our customers, which we hope will last a lifetime. Having repeat customers is what makes ASC thrive.

Our Culture

Within our company culture, there is a steadfast dedication to customers, family, community, and country.

We are a family-focused company, fostering an environment which supports open-mindedness and idea exchange.

We employ efficient thinkers who are solution focused and attentive to customer needs.

Our customer relationships are our most valuable asset, and our goal is to be successful “Partners in business.” We know our customers are also our friends and family.