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Our import services cover every possible issue that may arise in an import scenario, while also providing extra conveniences that aren’t required. We are a straightforward company offering import services for vehicles from Canada into the US, and vice versa. We are adept at handling import brokering services and revel in the opportunity to do a spectacular job for our clients.

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Competitive and reasonable fees

Reputable, Trusted & Registered Importer

We also offer additional vehicle services including:

Mechanical Services

Brokerage Services

Flooring/Dealer Finance

Drop/Check in/ Floor

In-house Speedos done in 24 hours

Our Mission

At Automotive Services Company, “Your satisfaction is our business.” We maintain a company-wide effort to assure customer satisfaction in every transaction.

Our Culture

We are a family-focused company, fostering an environment which supports open-mindedness and idea exchange. 

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Call us to get a quote on the cost of importing your vehicle. 

Paper Work Management

We maintain the document process of your vehicle import. 

Import Process Management

We perform the complex tasks of getting your vehicle thru customs. 

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When your vehicle is ready, we contact you. 


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