Auto Services

Premium Service Is Our First Priority

At ASC, we pride ourselves on the ability to meet all of our customer needs. Toward that end, we offer a variety of services geared toward the successful import of a vehicle:

  • Confirm your vehicle is admissible under the appropriate governmental agency.
  • Contact the dealership which sold you the car to obtain all necessary documentation.
  • Acquire any required recall letter/s for your vehicle.
  • Deliver your documentation to Customs for pre-clearance.
  • Provide safe, insured transport of your vehicle to its new destination.
  • Maintain the process of clearing your vehicle through Customs.
  • Present your vehicle for inspection through Customs.
  • Remit all applicable taxes, duties, and fees to Customs.
  • Perform some modifications as needed.
  • Convert the speedometer from km/h to mph or mph to km/h as needed.
  • Enlist a vehicle inspection to complete the RIV process.
  • Complete a Safety Inspection and E-Test (if necessary).
  • Prepare any necessary licensing.
  • Include a car wash before the car is delivered.

Trust Your Vehicle With Us

Our import services cover every possible issue that may arise in an import scenario, while also providing extra conveniences that aren’t required.

We are a straightforward company offering import services for vehicles from Canada into the US, and vice versa. We are adept at handling import brokering services and revel in the opportunity to do a spectacular job for our clients.

Automotive Services Company is a reputable and reasonably priced import service, perfect for those looking to import between Canada and the US. We are happy to offer aid in getting all documentation together properly for each import.

As a registered importer, we are legally allowed to operate a vehicle importer between the US and Canada. This prevents any chance of a “gray” import. We also offer additional services, including:

  • Mechanical
  • Brokerage Services “You buy” “We Sell”
  • Flooring/Dealer Finance
  • Drop/Check in/ Floor
  • In house Speedos done in 24 hours